There are many ways to get lean…however today’s blog focus is on testosterone boosting activities. Ladies, KEEP reading. This won’t put whiskers on you, trust me. The hormone testosterone is in everyone—just to a lesser extent in women.  Follow the steps below to help you lean up, get healthy, and look good!

  1. Focus on multi-joint movements. Examples of multi-joint movements include pushups, pull-ups, shoulder presses, squats, deadlifts. You engage more muscles, more joints, and aid stability…AND it boosts testosterone.
  2. Eat fat. Yes, she said that. We’ve come a long way baby since distorted studies of yesteryear stated that fat was so dangerous. Not so, my friend. Fat provides energy and takes a while to metabolize (preventing sugar swings). We now know that high protein, high fat diets are more beneficial in the production of testosterone. Adversely, diets high in carbohydrates lead to increased insulin and cortisol levels that result in muscle breakdown, higher levels of body fat and low testosterone production. Consider a palm of protein and a thumbnail of fat with your meals or snacks. The “bad” fat is the fake one: hydrogenated oil. Avoid it like the plague.
  3. SLEEEEEEP. Yep, you need more of it. We live in an sleep deprived world with too many distractions and “energy” products that disrupt our sleep even if we get to bed on time. Make sleep a priority.
  4. Keep you workouts short and intense. Honestly, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym…in fact, it’s really not a good thing. Blast it, quick and fast. No more slow go walks through the park. Don’t be afraid to go heavy, push it, make it hard, and shake things up (high reps, low reps).
  5. Last, consider foods or supplements containing testosterone boosting ingredients such as fenugreek, zinc, DAA, and Vitamin D (dairy, greek yogurt).


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Until next time, choose fit, lift heavy, and laugh often.  What have you got to lose?


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