Friends, moving regularly (& daily) makes us stronger, healthier, smarter, happier, and yes…even better looking! Just check out the many benefits of moving your body below. While we could talk about each one of the bullets separately, my objective is to simply convince you to commit to move more each day.

From head to toe and heart to head, study after study tells us this “all natural” ability to enhance our lives is transformational. Here’s how moving can help:

  • Exercise increases alertness and enhances mood.
  • It improves attention & concentration.
  • It helps us learn and remember.
  • It protects cognitive health. (Alzheimer’s)
  • It helps prevent cognitive decline.
  • Moving boosts energy while lowering stress.
  • It helps keep blood vessels flexible and while preventing blood clots.
  • It helps protect against chronic disease.
  • It helps lower blood pressure. (cardiovascular disease is the #1 leading cause of death!)
  • Moving more reduces heart-disease risk and makes the heart bigger and stronger.
  • It’s good for your bones (think bone density) and helps with muscle mass (which “typically” peaks in your late 20’s – but doesn’t have to).
  • It helps restore and preserve facial health.
  • Building posterior chain strength can help treat and prevent back pain.
  • Staying active is one of the best ways to protect and improve joint health as we age.
  • Mobilizing joints in hands can relieve wrist pain.
  • Strengthen the knees (hint: many issues we consider the result of aging can be prevented by strengthening the entire leg.
  • Speaking of the leg, foot issues are super common…and generally can be attributed to other areas of the body which can be a vicious cycle but…yes, preventable with intentional stretching and movement.
  • Moving keeps everything “moving”. (YES – I’m talking about relieving constipation and improving digestion!)
  • It enhances microbiome.
  • We recover more quickly and get sick less.
  • Movement helps keep inflammation at bay.
  • Reduction of MANY chronic diseases.
  • I mentioned preventing heart disease, but physical activity also can help prevent some cancers by lowering risk of development.
  • Then, there’s the impact on sleep. I love sleep. Sleep is tres importante to our well-being.
  • Physical activity helps our eyes and slows/prevents vision loss.
  • If you are pregnant, yes you guessed it, it helps with many aspects of pregnancy.
  • Consistent exercise can minimize and reverse symptoms of aging.
  • It helps balance our hormones, which can improve our skin, hair, muscles, etc.

Listen…sitting or being sedentary is so dangerous to our health that it’s now considered the new “smoking”.  Yep, it’s that bad.

Won’t you join me in with taking the prescription of this magic “pill”…something so powerful that it influences our longevity, biology, and physiology? TODAY is a great day to start or re-commit.

So come on, get your glow on. Get gorgeous. And get going.

What have you got to gain?