Heard of it? In case you missed this Tik Tok phenomena during the pandemic, influencer Mia Lind, started the 4-mile walking trend. Essentially, she encouraged participants to focus on the following during a 4-mile walk:

>Specific things you are grateful for

>Goals & dreams (what are your next action steps?)

>How hot you are (body positivity!)

I really liked the concept encouraging a brisk pace (around a 15-minute-ish mile). if you are new to exercising, start with 2 miles at a 20 minute pace and work up to 4 miles a day at faster pace. While walking, try some hills and/or add ight weights and pump your arms. Speed up or take longer strides for 30 steps.

Once you’ve given thanks and reviewed your hopes and dreams, pick an inspiring playlist or podcast. Plan your next steps and co-create your life story. What a great idea.

So….why walk?

Walking is a wonderful way to exercise and can be done most anywhere.

Walking strengthens bones & muscles, increases mobility and has many of the same benefits of running like lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and the effects of diabetes.

Walking slows the biological aging process.

Walking aids sugar and glucose metabolism and reduces body fat.

And, then there are the mental health benefits of reducing stress and anxiety, while improving self confidence and body image.

So how about getting your “hot girl” (or guy) walk on today? Today IS some day.

Carpe diem!