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It starts with hydration…am I right?! There are a lot of great water bottles out there, but these are 2 of my faves:

    • The new Stanley Ice-Flow Cap & Carry – who doesn’t love a Stanley? Although I prefer the 16 or 24 oz sizes, these come in 16, 24, 36 & 50 oz sizes! I like the wider opening because I often add collagen, amino acids, greens, or reds and drink it throughout the day — unless I drink green tea or lemon water!

    • Iron Flask Sports Bottles offer a less expensive version with more color options and the flip straw top, but also a wide screw cap if you want to add enhancements to your water or coffee. This brand offers 5 sizes starting with 14 oz and goes up to 64 oz. Also, these bottles come with 3 lid options.


Now that most of us have converted to stainless steel drinking bottles and have embraced daily hydration, you might want these non-toxic bottle cleaning tablets if you’re fed up with the “gunk, funk & stains” that can linger…especially if you add things to your water like amino acids, reds, collagen, or mineral hydration!


Kate Mcleod Nourishing Stones – these are literally the BOMB for dry skin. it’s a sensual moisturizer that GLIDES on like silk and is like a double moisturizer for your skin. Has cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and aragan oil…and is vegan, animal free and gluten free.

Smart Scale with weight, bodyfat, hydration analysis with app.


Lash Enhancing Serum – this one has over 46K reviews and over 4.5 star rating. With good reason, I think it works as good, or better, than the stuff from the dermatologist or eye doc’s office!


Best Lip Sleep Mask – no more chapped lips…EVER once you start using this stuff!

Snail Mucin Repair Essence that has gone viral. Korean beauty at its best and worth the hydration hype.


Super Hero Mascara – this lifts, separates & conditions!


Whitening Strips – A smile is one of the first things people notice. Why not brighten it up with the most popular brand on Amazon with over 2,500 stellar reviews?!


Down Alternative Cooling Pillow – set of 2 queen sized. Seriously loved by customers, these pillows have a 4.5+ star rating with over 234K reviews.