Baking, Food & Food Prep

Small Blender for protein shakes, smoothies, or bulletproof coffee on the go!

14-piece BPA-Free Glass Containers for safe meal prep, storage, and heat safe.

KitchenAid Tilt Head Stand 3.5 Quart Mixer (currently 37% off!) – I don’t know how or why I waited so long to get an adequate mixer. I use mine weekly!


If you miss soft drinks, ZEVIA has you covered. This brand has arrived i mainstream grocery stores now and I am thrilled. I’ve been buying it for years as a treat for my family (& me)! There are many flavors to choose from but my personal faves are the “Dr. Zevia” & Grape. Sweetened with stevia. Zevia also makes an energy drink…which if you’re going to drink one, this is a muchas better option!