Coffee !!

I love coffee. I do. However, a LOT of the coffee out there is highly acidic, processed with chemicals we DON’T want, and moldy.

Yuck. So, when I learned about and tried LIFEBOOST Coffee, I was thrilled to find a coffee that matched my requirements!  And not just for me…I bought it for my husband, my adult children, my friends. Why? Because nearly everyone close to me loves coffee and I care about their health (& mine)!

I became such a fast fan that I became an Ambassador for LIFEBOOST Coffee!! If you’d like to try it, click on the link above. Right now, they are having some specials to help introduce you to their products!

I hope you enjoy LIFEBOOST coffee as much as I do!

P.S. There are many ways I enjoy my coffee…whether iced or hot that I share on social media.  In my hot coffee, I like adding collagen protein powder, chocolate ghee, and/or inulin!