12 Days of Fitness Christmas!

Day 1: Sunzel Flare Leggings Cross Over Yoga Pants – these are 61% off – but you might want to check out Sunzel’s other legging or bike short styles, as well. The other styles are also on sale, but this popular & flattering style is discounted the most, priced under $20.

Sunzel Flare Leggings, Crossover Yoga Pants with Tummy Control, High-Waisted and Wide Leg


Day 2: Resistance Bands – Option 1- you know I love the convenience of resistance bands…almost as much as I love a good sale on them (23% off and only $7.73) ! I take these when I travel as well as to the park or on a hike to grab a little impromptu resistance workout. Gotta stay strong! This 5-piece set comes in a variety of colors and 5 resistance levels.  (P.S. Check out my Instagram where I’ve been posting workout ideas and use of resistance bands. I got you covered!)


Day 3: Resistance Bands – Option 2 – Multi-colored 5-level resistance bands. Get your strength workout at home or on the go ANY where with these bands. Less than $12 with Black Friday.


Day 4: Door Anchor for Resistance Bands – This heavy duty door anchor totally expands your workout options to accompany your resistance bands. Plus, it’s totally portable. Enjoy 26% off and less than $6 as a Black Friday deal.


Day 3: 12-36″ High Density Foam Roller – I have a love/hate relationship with my roller…but there’s no question about the therapeutic benefits it provides with stretching, rolling, recovery, Pilates, yoga or massage. You get 8 color options and 20% off for Black Friday for under $15.


Day 4: GIAM Yoga Knee Pads (set of 2) – I wish these had been on sale when I bought mine. I prefer to do a lot of strength moves from my knees and my husband absolutely cannot do them without these knee pads. Expand your workout options and enjoy your workout more with greater comfort. Your knees will thank you. These are a Black Friday deal at 50% off for less than $10. You’re welcome!


Day 5: Hands Free Walking Blet Bag (and Lulu Dupe)… yeah I said it, WHY pay that price? For less than $8 as a Black Friday deal, you get the option of 21 styles and colors AND another 5% off coupon for your good looks. 🙂  These will make great stocking stuffers.


Day 6: Hands Free Running/Workout Belt – This is my favorite running belt. It’s not the cheapest but it’s the best non-bouncing option out there in my opinion. Great for phones, lip balm, keys, etc. and NO bounce. You get 7 size options to choose from along with multiple colors. It’s also handy when traveling if you want to keep your documents and $ close to your body.


Day 7:  Take your pet with you and be hands free with this Heelay HandsFree Dog Leash. I especially appreciate the two bungees in the leash to allow more comfort for my pup when running, along with room to carry my phone, some treats, water and of course, poopy bags! These are 27% off for Black Friday at $15.99.


Day 8:  Dr. Berg Keto Electrolyte Powder – I think most of us have now gotten the message about the importance of electrolytes. This brand is clean AND sweet…and keto approved, so if you are doing the low carb thing, you might appreciate the sweetness. I add extra water to mine, but I really enjoy the taste. I am slowly making my way through the flavors, however there’s also a variety pack option to try. Check it out for your athlete!


Day 9: Calm Magnesium Supplement– This supplement comes in 7 flavors and various size options. There are many studies about the importance of magnesium supplementation, but what I like about this one (besides the taste) is that it also relaxes me in the evening. Sometimes my “monkey brain” just doesn’t want to shut down. Along with the other benefits of magnesium supplementation, this helps my monkey brain and reduces my husband’s nighttime cramping. it’s less than $29 and also offers a 20% offer coupon.


Day 10: Women’s Oversized Sweatshirt – This 100% cotton sweatshirt is SO dang cute. I have it in black, but they offer 17 colors. (HINT to hubby, I’ll take some more!) The detail on this oversized, slouchy sweatshirt is sweet with side slits and exposed seams.  it typically runs about $30, but is 15% off.

Day 11: – Truvani Protein & Energy Mix – Friends, this is one of the cleanest protein powders available as it’s non-GMO, gluten & dairy free AND you can count AND pronounce the ingredient list. This is a new combo with added caffeine. I find it difficult to get enough protein – especially if I am fasting or delaying breakfast due to an early morning workout. This helps and their protein comes in 9 flavor options. This new product is on sale with $30 of savings for $29.99!!

Day 12: Perfect Keto Chocolate Collagen Protein PowderYou’ve probably seen me use this used in many of my recipes. I love the taste of this collagen powder and figure I am covering bases by adding collagen while boosting protein in my snacks, desserts, bread or coffee. I also like that it’s sweetened with Stevia.


Don’t see what you want here? Check out other fitness or health related options under “My Favorite Things”